[2024 Latest Two Ways] Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch does more than just play games. With its crystal-clear display and versatile capabilities, the Nintendo Switch makes for an excellent device for streaming your favorite shows or watching videos on the go. Is Netflix available on Nintendo Switch? How to watch Netflix on Switch? If you are looking to watch Netflix on Switch, then this guide will show you two workable solutions.

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1. Is Netflix Available on Nintendo Switch?

Even though there are many complaints about it, for example:

"There are certain standards for a home console and running Netflix is absolutely one of them. Many families don't want more than one or 2 devices crowding their living room. It's completely ridiculous there is no Netflix on the switch."

Netflix is not currently available on the Nintendo Switch gaming console. While there have been rumors and speculation about the possibility of Netflix coming to the Switch in the future, there has been no official announcement from either Nintendo or Netflix.

Method 1: Install Android on Nintendo Switch to Watch Netflix

While Netflix is not avaiable on Nintendo Switch, you can also get Netflix on Nintendo Switch by installing Android on your console. But please note that performing this procedure may void your warranty, and it can also potentially damage your device. Therefore, proceed at your own risk.

That being said, if you do still want to proceed with installing Android on your Nintendo Switch, there are a number of tutorials and guides available online that can walk you through the process. Just be sure to exercise caution and carefully follow all instructions to avoid any potential damage to your device.

Tutorial: Android 11 Setup Guide which overs installation of the public beta release of Switchroot Android 11/R, based on LineageOS 18.1, on all Switch models.

Video Tutorial: Android 11 on Switch Install Guide Tutorial How To [2023]

Method 2: Download Netflix Videos and Watch on Nintendo Switch

Apart from installing Android, you can also download Netflix movies as local files and then upload them to your YouTuebe Channel for enjoying on Nintendo Switch. To make your Netflix download transferrable across devices, all you need is FlixiCam. It is a smart video downloader for Netflix users to save content as MP4 or MKV files with HD quality kept. After downloading, you are free to tansfer and play the downloads on other devices. Just download the app and follow the steps for a try.

Step 1. Run FlixiCam

The program requires a valid Netflix subscription, so please click "Sign In" and sign in with your Netflix account.

add netflix video

Step 2. Customize Download Settings

Then open the setting window to choose the format, and the default language option of the audio track and subtitle you want to get. Plus, you can also select subtitle modes, enable the hardware acceleration, 5.1 audio option, and so forth.

set output quality

Step 3. Search Videos on FlixiCam

Now, it's time to add your target video. With FlixiCam, you have direct access to the Netflix web player, allowing you to conveniently browse its video library. You can either navigate through the library or enter specific video keywords or titles into the search box to locate desired content.

add netflix video URL

Step 4. Select Audio Track and Subtitle

If you try to download a movie, please click the green Download icon to access advanced options. If you are trying to download a TV show, simply click the Download icon, followed that a window will pop up allowing you to select titles as well as seasons, and to choose audio track and subtitles by clicking "Advanced Download" in the bottom left corner.

advanced download

Step 5. Start to Download Netflix Videos

The finall step is to tap on the Download button and wait for a while. The download time relies on the audio track, subtitle, video quality, video format you choose and your network. After downloading, you can open the output path, upload them to YouTube, and watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch.

4. Frequently Asked Questions:

a. Why is Netflix not on Switch?

Based on our research, there are two possible explanations.

Firstly, Nintendo wants the Switch to primarily serve as a gaming console. They aim to create an exclusive ecosystem that encourages users to stay within the Nintendo platform and engage with their games, rather than diverting their attention to streaming services like Netflix. They worry about the potential loss of users who might prefer spending time on Netflix instead of playing games.

Additionally, Netflix may think that the benefits of collaborating with the Nintendo Switch are limited. Many individuals tend to prefer watching movies and TV shows on larger screens for a more immersive viewing experience. Streaming content on a smaller screen, such as the one provided by a gaming console, might be less enjoyable in comparison. Consequently, Netflix may have decided to terminate its partnership with Nintendo.

b. When Can We Get Netflix on Switch?

At present, there is no specific release date for Netflix on the Nintendo Switch. However, it is worth noting that Nintendo has added its support for many streaming services like Hulu, and YouTube. To stay informed about any developments regarding Netflix's availability on the Switch, I recommend keeping a lookout for official announcements from Netflix or Nintendo.

c. Which Streaming Service is Available on Nintendo Switch?

Here are Six main streaming service that are available on Nintendo Switch.

Hulu: Hulu is a popular streaming service that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and other video content on your devices. With the Hulu app, you can access a large library of content and stream it directly to your Nintendo Switch. In order to use Hulu on Nintendo Switch, you need to have a valid Hulu subscription. If you don't have a subscription already, you'll need to sign up for one before you can start streaming content on your Switch.

hulu on switch

YouTube: It is free to use YouTube to Nintendo Switch. And the process is pretty easy, simply download the app from the Nintendo eShop. Once downloaded, you can log in to your YouTube account and begin exploring the vast library of videos available.

Crunchyroll: It is a popular streaming service that specializes in anime, manga, and Asian dramas. It offers a vast library of licensed content from Japan and other parts of Asia, including popular titles like Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia.

crunchyroll on switch

Twitch: Twitch is a popular live streaming platform primarily used for streaming video games, but it also hosts streams related to music, talk shows, and creative content. It allows users to broadcast their gameplay or other content live to viewers around the world.

Funimation: Funimation offers a large library of licensed anime titles, including popular shows like Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, and Naruto. It has a strong following among anime fans, particularly those who enjoy English dubbed versions of their favorite series. The service is widely known for its high-quality English dubs, which are often highly regarded by fans.

funimation on switch

Pokémon TV: Pokémon TV is popular among fans of the Pokémon franchise, particularly younger viewers who enjoy watching the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his friends as they travel through various regions in the Pokémon world.

To download any of these apps on your Nintendo Switch, go to the Nintendo eShop (the shopping bag icon), search and download them.


Although Netflix is not available on Nintendo Switch, you can still watch Netflix content on Nintendo Switch by install Android or upload downloads to YouTube on Switch. To make Netflix video transferrable across devices, all you need is FlixiCam Netflix Video Downloader. It can download and store content in MP4 format, just download the app for a try.

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