Supports: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Mac 10.15 or later

What Streaming Sites Does FlixiCam StreamOne Support?

prime video
disney plus
apple tv
discovery plus
youtube video

Why Choose FlixiCam StreamOne?

Unlimited Video Streaming

Gain access to a wide array of content from over 20 sites, allowing for seamless viewing and downloading without limitations on various platforms.

High Cost-effectiveness

No need to search for and purchase multiple downloaders individually. StreamOne is the best all-in-one download solution to save you money, time, and effort.

No More Ads

Even though you are with an Ads plan, StreamOne can help you get rid of annoying ads and let you watch high-quality videos offline without any interruptions.

Stream Top Movies and Shows Offline, No Expiration Time Anymore

FlixiCam StreamOne enables you to easily watch, download, and store top movies and shows from over 20 major streaming video sites including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu, Peacock, Max, Apple TV+, U-Next, DMM, Paramount+, Crunchyroll, Abema, YouTube, and more.

Once downloaded, the content can be accessed and enjoyed anytime, even without an internet connection. You can also watch your favorite movies and shows on your schedule, without worrying about expiration dates or streaming limitations.

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high quality video

Get Premium, Ad-free Videos with High-Quality Audio

No matter which plan you choose, even if it's the ad-supported one, you can use FlixiCam StreamOne to get rid of the disturbance of advertisements. This way, you can enjoy an ad-free viewing experience and focus better on your favorite shows and movies.

When it comes to video quality, downloads can reach up to 8K for YouTube videos and generally 1080P for major OTT sites. Additionally, you have the flexibility to opt for lower resolutions such as 480P, 540P, or 720P to save storage space.

For audio quality, options include EAC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0. With these choices at your disposal, you can truly take control of your viewing experience.

Offer Flexible Subtitles, Audio, Languages Options to Meet Diverse Needs

Audios and subtitles serve as fundamental tools for comprehending movie content. With FlixiCam StreamOne, you have the flexibility to download audio and subtitle options that align with your specific requirements. Whether you prefer watching content in your native language or want to explore other languages, this app allows you to personalize your viewing experience according to your preferences.

Furthermore, it is important to note that FlixiCam StreamOne offers three subtitle modes - Internal, External, and Hardcode - ensuring that subtitles are accessible across various devices and scenarios.

keep audio and subtitle
download mp4 and mkv format

Out MP4 or MKV Download and Play on Any Devices

The main issue with streaming video is that content can only be accessed through individual apps. If you're worried about playback compatibility, fear not. FlixiCam StreamOne offers a solution that allows you to save all downloads in MP4 format, which is compatible with most devices, such as Windows, Macbooks, mobile phones, and game consoles. Additionally, you can download movies or shows in MKV format.

Moreover, there are two video codec options available: H.264 and H.265. Simply select the one that best suits your device for optimal viewing experience.

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Built-in Player to Access, Download and Enjoy Movies Directly, Easy to Use

FlixiCam StreamOne boasts a built-in player with a clear layout and typography, making it extremely user-friendly and intuitive for effortless navigation.

You can conveniently access key functions such as searching for content across multiple streaming services, starting downloads, managing downloaded files, adjusting settings for video quality and output format, and tracking download progress, just as you would with the official app. Each feature is clearly labeled and thoughtfully organized, ensuring smooth and efficient usage of the software.

built-in player

What Else Does FlixCam StreamOne Offer?

1. SRT Subtitle

External subtitle mode enables you to save subtitles as SRT files, allowing you to customize the appearance, timing, language and more.

2. Preserve Metadata

Keeping video metadata helps in identifying and organizing video files effectively. Metadata can include duration, resolution, and more.

3. More Support

FlixiCam continues to expand its market reach by adding support for more sites. Users can enjoy the free updates and the latest versions.

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How it works

  • Step 1, Select your target website to download video from.
  • Step 2, Log in to your account and search for movies and shows.
  • Step 3, Select on the movie or series you want to download and click the big Download icon.
  • Step 4, Customize the download settings, such as audio track, video quality, so on.
  • Step 5, Hit the 'Download' icon to start downloading movies.
Win Tutorial Mac Tutorial
  • change website
  • log into
  • search for movies
  • Advanced Download
  • download streaming video

What Our Users Say

Frequently Asked Questions

FlixiCam StreamOne supports a wide range of streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu, Peacock, Max, Apple TV+, U-Next, DMM, Paramount+, Crunchyroll, Abema, YouTube, and more.

There is no limit to the number of movies you can store, as it depends on the capacity of your device's storage.

FlixiCam StreamOne is capable of downloading YouTube videos in up to 8K resolution, depending on the original video's quality. Additionally, it can get a maximum quality of 1080P for content from other popular streaming sites.

FlixiCam StreamOne can save downloaded movies in MP4 or MKV format.