F.A.Q (Binge-Watching Player)

Just open the program and sign in with your Netflix/Amazon account, then you can browse and play any video on Netflix/Amazon. Here is the full guide for your reference: Tutorial of Binge-Watching Player.

Yes, the program is totally free without any bundled program or extra fee.

No, the program works on Netflix and Amazon videos. It is specially designed as a standalone media player for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Yes, simply go to the setting window, and check the option "Prevent trailers from auto-playing".

Sure, just go to the setting window and check the option "Prevent hover effets on video posters"

Please go to the setting window, there is an option for you to enable auto-skipping video intro..

Please click "Menu" and choose "History" in the dropdown list to check the play record.

If you meet any problems or difficulties using Binge-Watching Player, please feel free to contact our Technical Support team via email: [email protected].

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